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Current and Past Clients

-Joy, Jessie and Bizzie

"I have worked with Chris Krantz with two separate dogs.  My miniature schnauzer was 5 years old and still peeing in the house and struggling on the leash. Chris came in and after four sessions we had the tools that we needed and the problems were resolved.  


In 2019, she passed away and we were ready to bring a new member into our home.  Our Giant Schnauzer/Goldendoodle mix brings joy into our home and thanks to Chris, she is a well-rounded dog.  I highly recommend Chris!"

Giant Schnauzer/Goldendoodle
Young German Shepherd overlooking Davis County

-Kristen and Chester

"I was not raised with dogs. When I was given a German Shepherd puppy I had no idea what I was getting into...

From the beginning Chris was very patient with my inexperience and gently instructed me in the best way to raise a highly sensitive breed. The techniques that Chris teaches work!"

-Meghan and Bear

"I highly recommend Chris! I met with a different trainer before her and wasn't sure I had what it takes to be a dog owner! I called Chris and she was the ticket.


I took my 10 month old dog to Bear Lake this week for the first time. All our hard work paid off in spades! There were so many people and dogs on the beaches and hikes all week. I didn't even have to have my dog on a leash. He obeyed my commands and stayed by my side even during the situations you would expect a dog to run!


None of this would have happened without Chris and K9 Leadership Training. I cannot recommend her enough!"

Visiting Bear Lake with my dog
Ice does a doggy good!

-Kristi P.

"Chris is seriously the BEST trainer for your dog!  You can tell Chris truly cares about you and your dog, she puts so much time into lessons and I never feel like our lessons are rushed or limited.  


I'd definitely recommend Chris to ANYONE in need of a Dog Trainer, do yourself and your dog a favor and don't go to a Petsmart or Petco type of training facility, you will never be happy with the results like you will be with Chris!"

-De, Layton

"I would recommend Chris to anyone who wants to have a well-behaved, obedient and happy dog."

De with her poodle on place
-Linda Kilfoyle

"Oh my Kelty girl! Oh, how she loves to adventure! A world of thanks to Chris Krantz for a dog who is incredibly well behaved, who can adventure with us anywhere we go, this would not be the case without your amazing training skills, so incredibly thankful to you for the freedoms we all enjoy with Kelty!"


Hiking with my Kelty Girl!


"Dear Chris,

I want to thank you for not only watching Tucker, but also for being my therapist.  Thank you for all the encouragement and helping me see the importance of keeping a sense of humor thru this lovely "puppy" stage.  My children owe you big time!

If it were not for you, he would have been gone a long time ago.  You are very good at what you do and feel so lucky to have found you."

Puppy with Children
Felicia and Blitz in training to become a therapy dog

-Felicia, Ogden

"After a great experience seeing a therapy dog cheer up my
convalescing mother-in-law, I decided that I would like to own a therapy dog myself.  We chose Blitz, a black German Shepherd, but his energy level was too high and I didn’t have the control to meet the Canine Good Citizen requirements. 


Thank God for the appearance of Chris Krantz and her training techniques.


Besides the e-collar work I was trained to do, she combines dog get-togethers with at least ten other dogs, which quickly learn to have fun and yet focus on the task at hand.  Blitz’s super energy still lives up to his name, but now I have hope that he can be licensed as a therapy dog and will soon be shared with others."

-Alicia, Fruit Heights

"Just wanted to tell you thanks for all of your help training Bailey and Aspen.


 The difference in the dogs has been so remarkable, and I was really surprised at how quickly your techniques worked.  We have finally turned the chaos into calm.  You're an awesome trainer!"


Dog training should be fun!
Off leash, learning trail manners, Wylie and Mugsie

-Robbie, Farmington

"I contacted Chris for two reasons:  Wylie and Mugsie.  


Wylie, my shepherd mix, was aggressive toward strangers.  One day, a runner passed us on a mountain trail, and Wylie bit him from behind.  Then Mugsie, my Shar Pei mix, decided to chase a herd of deer and didn't come back for thirty minutes.  I called Chris and told her my dilemma. 

She started with Wylie and taught me how to be the leader and what to do when strangers were coming on the trail.  She worked with Wylie and me for six weeks, and I am now relaxed and confident when I see strangers coming.  Great relief!!!!

Next was Mugsie. I am now totally confident that Mugsie can be off leash, and I can trust that he will come back when I call him.  I love to see him running free with Wylie on the mountain trails.   Thank you Chris, you really have a gift with dogs!"

-marilee, Farmington

Happy family.  Toddlers and puppies

"I thought that having a puppy in the house with a two year old was going to be a piece of cake...boy was I wrong! 


However, having Chris Krantz with her K9 Leadership Training program as my guide, I have been able to teach my puppy so many things. For example, I never thought that you could teach a puppy to ring a bell every time he needs to go potty! Cash is such a great dog because of the way that he has been trained. I never could have trained him this well without Chris and her. If you have a puppy I HIGHLY recommend this program.


Chris is amazing at what she does!!

Thank you again Chris for helping my puppy and I become better!!"

Toddlers and Puppys.  Not always a beautiful combination, can still be wonderful with training.
K9 Leadership Training. Doodle Love!

"Chris is an exceptional dog trainer!  Her classes are fun for both canine and handler.

I love my Doodle!"


"This is a shout out to Chris Krantz! My dog would have been given away if it weren’t for you. The only way I was going to be a dog owner was if I had a well-behaved dog. With this in mind, I did my research, read many books and watched many dog shows. I was prepared, so I thought.

Raising a large dog

After running into Chris while out on a walk, I quickly realized that I needed her help. I wasn’t as prepared as I thought!

Chris taught me so many simple ways to stay in control of my very large dog. I will forever be grateful to her for the knowledge that she gave me and continues to give me. There’s nothing better than to hear people tell me how well-behaved my dog is and how sweet he is.


This is in large part because of you Chris. Thank you, thank you."

Living with a large breed

-Jan & Ellie

Watch me while on place
Ellie, our heeler, on place
Jan and Ellie

"We have been working with Chris for over three years now, first with our border collie/healer mix, and most recently with a border collie/kelpi mix puppy.  Chris’ approach is highly motivating.  She is AMAZING!!!


Our heeler mix, Ellie, who is now 3 years old has been exactly what we wanted in a dog, because Chris taught us how to train her.  Ellie is fabulous around other dogs, she is perfect on the trail, and she is respectful with people. We have also very much enjoyed Chris’ frequent group classes to provide socialization as well as consistency in training.  Our new puppy is a handful, but has come so far in just a short while working with Chris, and I have no doubt she will be just as perfect and fun as our older dog.  I highly recommend Chris (10 stars!!) to anyone embarking on the journey of owning a dog!"

Thanks for everything!!

-Connie and Bogey

Bogey is the big white on in the back.  Previously unsocialized, now a Good Citizen.

Does your dog have a little or a lot of aggressive behavior?  We didn’t socialize Bogey well when he was puppy and he was aggressive to other dogs, kids and the UPS guy.  We were at a loss and thank goodness for Chris.  She assured me that “this” was fixable and got to work.

She worked with both me and Bogey so that I understood his fears and could begin to take action before he got aggressive.  It took awhile to train me, but Chris is the Bogey whisperer and I couldn’t believe the changes in him, and this was at 2 years old. 

Bogey was previously unsocialized, but with proper training now can associate normally with most dogs.

It is never too late to re-train your dog for better behaviors and Chris knows exactly how to do that with patience, care, and a little tolerance of hard to train humans.


Best money we have ever spent!

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