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Who is Chris Krantz?

Dog training is my passion and I truly love my work. They are the focus of a lifelong career. Even as a teenager, neighbors, friends, and family would bring me their dogs to train. As a young kid without formal training, I relied heavily upon creativity and passion to develop my work.  

In those early years I took my dogs everywhere and found that good dogs can be trained based upon two simple principles: sound leadership and resource management.  

Later in life I had the opportunity to work directly with dogs in a professional capacity. I worked as a vet tech, an assessment trainer, and had the privilege of working beneath several talented professional trainers. For years I groomed dogs out of my basement and in 2006 I was given a fantastic opportunity to work with a nationally accredited dog training company and apprenticed with them in Arizona.

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In 2008 I started K9 Leadership Training because I wanted to move beyond the restrictions of a narrow training philosophy used by the companies where I worked. I wanted the freedom to give each dog what was best for their needs and temperament.

Since then I have found success. My clients trust me, and much of my business is through referrals. Many of my clients from years past still contact me to work with their dogs and keep their skills sharp. That is my greatest working accomplishment.  

My Training Philosophy

My personal experience has taught me not to sell a specific philosophy. The best way to achieve success is modify and tailor the training to a dog's unique personality, temperament, and needs. 

Punitive trainers wait for dogs to make a mistake and positive trainers give rewards before they make a mistake. Neither one of those work all the time. Videos have the similar limitations. Some dog personalities are very soft and some are very bold and hard. Both have their challenges.  


My goal as a trainer is to bridge the gap between you and your dog. I have worked within the limitations of most philosophies and choose to single out methods that would best benefit you and your dog. My objective is to find the right balance between your capabilities and your dog's personality. I suppose many people would call me a "balanced trainer," but I like to incorporate and work flexibly.  

I focus on three basic principles.  

  • Cause and effect

  • Who owns the resources?

  • Association

Dog training is a science and if you don't keep up, you become dated fast. You cannot keep training one way when the science says otherwise.  

Where is Chris Krantz?

For private sessions, I travel to you and cover the following areas in Utah: Bountiful, West Bountiful, Centerville, Clearfield, Clinton, Farmington, Fruit Heights, Kaysville, Layton, North Salt Lake, Syracuse, West Point, Woods Cross, and surrounding areas.


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